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Now you can meet your training requirements from the convenience of your own office or home! We offer a complete package of training for you and your staff. We also offer the MANAGER 20 HOUR Training. See below for details.Click Here for Course Listing

Yearly Continuing Education Training Courses and New Staff Training:

We offer web-based courses to help you meet your manager/staff yearly continuing education requirements! The prices listed on the website are for a single learner. For significant GROUP DISCOUNTS, contact us at (540) 349-8074, ext. 2.

We are an OHCQ-approved vendor for the following course topics:
• Maryland: Cognitive Impairment and Mental Illness
• Maryland: Basic Food Safety
• Maryland: Emergency/Disaster Training
• Maryland: Fire/Life Safety
• Maryland: Infection Control

The following additional courses are also available for staff education:
• Maryland: Health and Psychosocial Needs of Older Adults
• Maryland: Resident Rights
• Maryland: Resident Assessments and Service Plans

We offer affordable group discounts.
Contact us for details if you would like to train all of your staff!

Manager 20 Hour Course for $170:

Per Maryland COMAR regulation, an assisted living manager employed in a program that is licensed for five or more beds shall complete 20 hours of Department-approved continuing education every 2 years.

The Long-Term Care Learning Center is an OHCQ-approved vendor of the 20 hour manager training. Our complete 20 hour package costs $170. Just add this package to your shopping cart, complete the checkout process, and you can start your training today! If you don't need all 20 hours, you can also select individual courses to meet your needs.

Our NEW 20 Hour Package includes:
• Adverse Medication Events (1 hour)
• Burns and Scalds (1 hour)
• Choking and Aspiration (1 hour)
• Culture Change 101: Foundations for Success (1.5 hours)
• Elder Abuse (1 hour)
• Falls (2 hours)
• Fire Safety Devices (2 hours)
• Malnutrition (1 hour)
• QA/QI – Foundations for Success (2 hours)
• QA/QI – Developing Successful Action Plans (1.5 hours)
• Restorative Care for Administrators (2 hours)
• Suicide and Depression (1 hour)
• Promoting Independent Dining (1 hour)
• Promoting Independent Toileting (1.25 hours)
• Promoting Mobility (1.25 hours)

To purchase the training:

1. Click the link at the bottom of this page to go to our on-line products page.

2. For the 20 Hour ALM Training - the complete 20 hour package is listed under "Course Packages". Just click the "View Details" button, add the package to your cart, and check out. If you don't need all 20 hours, you can scroll down and select the courses you want. Just be sure they say "OHCQ 20 Hour" beside them.

3. For the Yearly Update Courses (Basic Food Safety, Dementia/Mental Illness, Disaster, Fire, Infection Control), we have a bundle for a single learner or you can call us for group pricing. The more staff you train, the more you save.

4. Complete the secure checkout process. Along the way, you will create a username and password that you can use to access your courses throughout the year.

5. Once you complete the checkout, click on the On-Line Learning Center link to start your courses.

6. Take the courses at your convenience. They are available to you for 1 year from the date of purchase. Once you complete a course and posttest, a certificate will be generated for you on-line and you can print and save this certificate for your records. NOTE: Our courses require a high-bandwidth Internet connection.

Click on the link below to view our on-line courses:


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at the e-mail/phone number provided on the website. Thanks so much!

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