Emergency Preparedness Course Package
Emergency Preparedness Package
(12 hours) Approvals: NAB (NHA/RCAL); MI AFC; PA DPW

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Product Detailed Description
Audience: Administrators and high level staff of long-term care facilities; others interested in long-term care emergency planning and management
  • NAB Approval for 12 clock hours for Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Administrators. Note: Each of the five modules that make up this package is approved individually.
  • Maryland – Note: If you are an Assisted Living Manager, we have a separate Maryland ALM and Staff Emergency/Disaster Course. Refer to the Individual Course Listings. Click here for details on specific requirements.
  • Michigan– Approved by the Division of Adult Foster Care Licensing, DHS, for licensee/administrator yearly continuing education. Click here for details on specific requirements.
  • Pennsylvania– Approved by the PA Department of Public Welfare for Personal Care Home Administrators.Click here for details on specific requirements. Also approved for NHAs.
  • All other states – Check your licensing regulations for your specific requirements. In most states, our courses satisfy administrator/staff continuing education requirements.

    Introduction: As an administrator, you may be faced with tough decisions in an emergency. Your residents and staff will look to you for leadership, direction, and reassurance. Are you truly prepared?

    This in-depth series covers every aspect of emergency planning and preparedness. Use it to evaluate your existing plan or develop an entirely new plan. It includes video interviews with administrators who experienced real emergencies and who share their lessons learned. There are templates and checklists that you can save to your computer and edit to suit your needs.
    The training includes detailed information and tips related to:
    • Sheltering in place and evacuating;
    • Making the decision: evacuate vs. shelter-in-place;
    • Identifying types of emergency supplies and how/where to store them;
    • Identifying and evaluating hazards that can affect a long-term care facility;
    • Responding to fires, tornadoes, winter storms, floods, earthquakes, hazardous materials, missing residents, pandemics, workplace violence, floods, hurricanes/tropical storms, wildfires, and other emergencies
    • Strategies for handling utility losses;
    • Strategies for handling staff shortages;
    • Strategies for tracking residents in an evacuation;
    • Strategies for communicating with staff, residents, emergency officials and the media;
    • Recovering from an emergency;
    • Understanding the psychological effects of emergencies;
    • Handling resident and caregiver stress during emergencies;
    • Training staff; and
    • Conducting drills and exercises that really make a difference.

    Course Topics:
    • EP1: Basics, Hazards, and Teamwork
    • EP2: Sheltering, Evacuating, and Communicating
    • EP3: Hazard Specific Guides
    • EP4: Recovering from an Emergency
    • EP5: Writing, Training, and Practicing

    Course Authors: This course was written by Susan S. Harrington, MS, PE as part of a research grant funded by the National Institute on Aging. The curriculum was developed by an interdisciplinary team of experts including: Joseph Barbera, M.D., Co-Director of the George Washington University Institute for Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Management; Bruce Binder, MPH, CEM, CBCP, Emergency management/Disaster planning consultant; Claire Cole, MA, Nurse educator; Nick Mason, MS, Licensed LTC Administrator, and Ann Meador, MA, Co-chair of the Southeast Texas Hurricane Task Force. The CBT program was developed by Harrington Software Associates, Inc, and funded by grant NIA 2R44AG029692, Preparing Long-Term Care Facilities for Natural and Man-Made Disasters.

    NAB Approval Information: The modules that make up this educational offering have been reviewed by the National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS) of the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) and approved for a combined total of 12 clock hours.

    The Long-Term Care Learning Center is a Certified Sponsor of professional continuing education with the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) and has approved this program for the number of clock hours listed under their sponsor agreement with NAB/NCERS. State licensure boards, however, have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses.

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